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CapiSuite File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
applicationexception.h [code]Contains ApplicationError - Exception class for errors in the application layer
applicationinterface.h [code]Contains ApplicationInterface - Interface class which is implemented by the main application
audioreceive.h [code]Contains AudioReceive - Call Module for receiving audio
audiosend.h [code]Contains AudioSend - Call Module for sending an A-Law file
callinterface.h [code]Contains CallInterface - Interface class for all signals specific to a certain call
callmodule.h [code]Contains CallModule - Base class for all call handling modules
calloutgoing.h [code]Contains CallOutgoing - Call Module for establishment of an outgoing connection and wait for successful connect
capi.h [code]Contains Capi - Main Class for communication with CAPI
capiexception.h [code]Contains exception classes for errors in the CAPI abstraction layer
capisuite.h [code]Contains CapiSuite - Main application class, implements ApplicationInterface
capisuitemodule.h [code]Contains the Python module integration routines
connection.h [code]Contains Connection - Encapsulates a CAPI connection with all its states and methods
connectmodule.h [code]Contains ConnectModule - Call Module for connection establishment at incoming connection
disconnectmodule.cppContains DisconnectModule - Call Module for call clearing
disconnectmodule.h [code]Contains DisconnectModule - Call Module for call clearing
faxreceive.h [code]Contains FaxReceive - Call Module for receiving an analog fax (group 3)
faxsend.h [code]Contains FaxSend - Call Module for sending an analog fax (group 3)
idlescript.h [code]Contains IdleScript - Implements calling of python script in regular intervals for user defined activity (e.g. sending faxes)
incomingscript.h [code]Contains IncomingScript - Incoming call handling. One object for each incoming call is created
main.cppContains main()
pythonscript.h [code]Contains PythonScript - Read a python script and call a function in own thread
readDTMF.h [code]Contains ReadDTMF - Call Module for waiting for DTMF signals
switch2faxG3.h [code]Contains Switch2FaxG3 - Call Module for switching to FAXG3 service from another one

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