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CapiSuite Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ApplicationErrorException class for errors in the application layer
ApplicationInterfaceInterface class which is implemented by the main application
AudioReceiveCall Module for receiving audio
AudioSendCall Module for sending an A-Law file
CallInterfaceInterface class for all signals specific to a certain call
CallModuleBase class for all call handling modules
CallOutgoingCall Module for establishment of an outgoing connection and wait for successful connect
CapiMain Class for communication with CAPI
Capi::CardProfileTType for storing controller profiles
CapiErrorGeneral and base class for errors in the Capi abstraction layer
CapiExternalErrorCapi Abstraction Layer exception class thrown if an error was caused by the application
CapiMsgErrorCapi Abstraction Layer exception class thrown if an error is indicated by Capi
CapiSuiteMain application class, implements ApplicationInterface
CapiWrongStateCapi Abstraction Layer exception class thrown if something should be done in a wrong state
ConnectionEncapsulates a CAPI connection with all its states and methods
Connection::fax_info_tSeveral parameters describing fax protocol details for incoming faxes
ConnectModuleCall Module for connection establishment at incoming connection
DisconnectModuleCall Module for call clearing
FaxReceiveCall Module for receiving an analog fax (group 3)
FaxSendCall Module for sending an analog fax (group 3)
IdleScriptImplements calling of python script in regular intervals for user defined activity (e.g. sending faxes)
IncomingScriptIncoming call handling. One object for each incoming call is created
PythonScriptRead a python script and call a function
ReadDTMFCall Module for waiting for DTMF signals
Switch2FaxG3Call Module for switching to FAXG3 service from another one

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