CapiSuite command reference

CapiSuite provides an internal Python module called capisuite which can be imported as usual by import capisuite. Internal means, it's compiled in the CapiSuite binary and will only be found if CapiSuite interpretes the script.

A complete reference of all functions of this module is auto-generated from the CapiSuite sources and so you'll find it in the reference manual available locally on ../reference/group__python.html or online on

As it doesn't make sense to duplicate the information here, please refer to it.


These functions are implemented in C internally and so the reference document shows the C function header instead of the header how it would be defined in Python. So please ignore the function header shown there and only have a look at the description and the parameters given under args. If this is too confusing, please tell me and perhaps I'll find a better way to auto-create this document someday then...