Using CapiSuite together with the default scripts

Receiving calls

Now this is a nice, short section. Once you have configured CapiSuite, the scripts and started CapiSuite successfully, there's nothing more you have to do. You'll get your mails as described in the section called “How the scripts work” and that's it. You only have to setup your mail program to receive local mails. Enjoy! :-)

Doing a remote inquiry

To do a remote inquiry, please enter your PIN (see answering_machine.conf(5)) while the announcement of the answering machine is played. After some seconds you will get a "voice menu" telling you how to record your own announcement for your answering machine or how to playback the received calls.

Sending fax jobs

The default scripts for CapiSuite also include a commandline tool for sending faxes called capisuitefax. It's described in the next section.