Here you will find source and binary packages of CapiSuite releases. For compilation and installation instructions please have a look at the manual which is included in the packages and also available online.

Source packages

Here's the latest source code release of CapiSuite.

capisuite-0.4.5.tar.gz (Release Notes/ChangeLog)

Old releases

You need a small patch to compile the old versions with gcc2.95: capisuite-gcc-2.95.diff

Binary packages


Here you'll find binary RPMs for the latest SUSE versions. As explained in the manual (please, please read it!), you'll need several packages for CapiSuite. I put the other packages which you'll need and which aren't part of the SUSE distributions here, too. Download all of them and install as described in the manual.

SUSE RPM download area

Debian packages

Thanks to the work of Achim Bohnet and Daniel J. Priem, CapiSuite is a part of the Debian "unstable" and "testing" distributions now (see here for the list from There are additional Debian woody packages available for download from

For installation with apt-get, you can add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb ./
deb-src ./

Mandrake RPM packages

Steffen Barszus built CapiSuite-RPM packages for Mandrake, currently for 9.2, 10.0 will follow soon. You can find his packages on his FTP-Site at BerliOS:


Thanx to the work of a couple of CapiSuite users, it's now also a part of the Gentoo distribution. See

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