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As CapiSuite development isn't continued here any more, I provide a dump of the complete CapiSuite repository. It contains not only the complete public history starting from version 0.4 onwards (previous releases were SuSE-internal and not published), but also a bunch of changes and new code in trunk/ which were planned for the 0.5 release which was unfortunately never completed.

CapiSuite development was done in a Subversion repository; therefore the following dump is in the Subversion dump format (created by svnadmin dump). All parties which want to continue CapiSuite development are kindly invited to download it and use it as a base for continuing the CapiSuite project!

Complete subversion dump up to revision 431 (7 MB)

Lars Immisch created a Git repository for Capisuite on GitHub and made some small updates/fixes. Find it here:

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